Create a Form/Letter

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Create a new Form/Letter

As part of your training experience, Smokeball account managers and trainers will train you on how to automate your own documents, our legal team will upload and automate court and authority forms, and we will get your firm going with uploading your frequently used forms and templates.

It is very easy to add or create additional forms or letters in Smokeball. If you are an existing client, don't hesitate to give us a call for a refresher training at any point.

There are videos under Automation and Template Creation for a deeper dive into automation

If you find yourself generating a document outside of Smokeball, create a quick template for easier access from the Forms/Templates Library. You can create a quick template from Word on the Smokeball Ribbon.

How to Add or Create a New Form / Letter

    1. Under the Form/Letter Library, select "Add a form/letter"


    2. Follow the screen to start creating your form/letter

  • (1) Choose to create from a blank document or upload an existing document
  • (2) Name the file and choose a Document Container. Document Containers will be the header and/or footer to the document you are creating
  • *Note: Smokeball will always create the document in the folder you were working in (See Location below Container to change the location)

3. Create your form/letter in Word and insert appropriate fields for automation

Did you know...

  • Right clicking on a form/letter gives you additional options. To modify a form/letter, right click on the form/letter and select modify.

  • Smokeball will automate unlimited amount of court and authority forms. You can request a form through Smokeball or contact your Account Manager
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