Search in Form/Letter Library

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Search in Form/Letter Library

When trying to locate a form that you have not created a shortcut and saved to your favorites, you can also utilize the form search toolbar. Searching can save you time from looking in folders for a specific form. *Note: You can search for a specific form number or name of a form, but this search in Smokeball needs to be very specific to find the correct form.

How to search in the Form/Letter Library:

1. From a Form/Letter Library, navigate to the search bar on the top right

2. You can search for a form by entering the specific form number. If not results show up, try selecting "Search All Folders"

3. Select the appropriate form

4. You can also search by entering in text from the name of the form. *Name must be specific. Start entering a keyword and searching all folders to narrow down your search.

Did you know...

  • If you find yourself frequently searching for and using the same form, it might be helpful to Create a Shortcut to that form in your favorites or additional folders.
  • Your letter and other templates you submitted for Smokeball to automate as part of your initial onboarding process are also located in the default folders. If you cannot find a specific template, get in touch with our help desk, your account manager, or check the "Favorites" folder in your Form/Letter Library.


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