Create a Shortcut in Form/Letter Library

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Create a shortcut to a Form

Smokeball has a robust library of Court & Authority forms. You can navigate to a form every time or if you find yourself using a specific form frequently, it's better to save it to your favorites for quick access.

How to Save a Form / Create a Shortcut 

If you are creating a shortcut for a form located in "Court & Authority Forms": 

  • (1) Select "Manage Form Shortcuts"
  • (2) Select specific form area
  • (3) Select the form you want to create a shortcut to
  • (4) Select "Add Shortcut" or drag the form to the desired folder

    1. Under the Form/Letter Library, find the specific form you want to create a shortcut for

2. On the left side, scroll up to the specific folder you want to create the shortcut in and then Right Click and Drag the form to that folder

3. Choose "Create Shortcut Here"

*note: you can choose to Copy or Move the form. The best practice is to create a shortcut.

  • Copy Here: makes a copy of the form and any modifications will not be applied to the original
  • Move Here: completely moves the form from the original location

4. Shortcut is created and form is available for quick access


Did you know...

  • You can search for a specific form utilizing the Search on the top right

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