Version 4.0.5 Release Notes




Version 4.0.5 Release Notes

Here are some of the highlights and updates from version 4.0.5. Note: You will be prompted to update Smokeball at some point during the next several weeks. If you are not prompted right away, don't worry. The update will be available to you shortly.

1. User Interface Redesign and Home Screen

  • User Interface Update: Everything in Smokeball still functions the same, but you will notice that Smokeball looks a little different and all logos have been updated.


  • Home Screen Updates
    • (1) Ability to switch user if multiple users share the same PC
    • (2) User name and info at top right of the home screen
    • (3) Activity completed pie chart added to the Daily Digest


  • Search
    • Calendar Events and Tasks added to search capabilities. Note: You can show past events or completed tasks as well


2. Matter and Matter Creation

  • Create Matter favorites for frequently used matter types


  •  Create Matter Templates for matters that have repeated information or fields


  • Duplicate or Make a Template of a Matter that is already created


3. Forms & Templates Library

  • Add PDF and Excel files to Form & Templates Library. Note: You cannot automate PDF and Excel files, but you will be able to save changes directly to the matter.


  • Open Court & Authority Forms from "Mange Form Shortcuts"


  • Quickly save documents or create templates from documents that are created outside of Smokeball


4. Activity Intelligence and TimeScribe (AutoTime) Refinements

  • See detailed activity reporting for emails generated or reviewed


  • See real "time spent" on activities in Activity Intelligence




SMOK-4898 Link matter type filter list to the new matter list
SMOK-4893 PDF tracking - edited duration overwrites reviewed duration
SMOK-4887 Matter opened activity still generated with zero time.
SMOK-4886 Cannot Open synced Documents
SMOK-4884 Implement searching capability for the new matter list
SMOK-4876 Issue with Client and OtherSide fields when signing document
SMOK-4873 Outlook add-in fails to retrieve received emails using interop library
SMOK-4869 Select Matter window appears when creating and modifying document container
SMOK-4862 Modifying form loses selection in form browser
SMOK-4859 Server side patch to remove roles not mapped on the matter listing
SMOK-4857 ActivityWatcherService can cause Outlook to crash
SMOK-4856 Changing matter type twice breaks layout automation
SMOK-4850 Bug 3.6.4: InfoTrack button in Smokeball error: "An error occurred while attempting
communication with InfoTrack"
SMOK-4838 Slow Upload Speed Issues
SMOK-4837 Content Server/Publisher Account: When 'Protect Document' is applied, it should stay applied
when document is modified
SMOK-4830 Past emails in the rollup AI activity change their time to midnight
SMOK-4818 Auto-assign email fails if the Outlook email contains text in both mail.Body & mail.HTMLBody
SMOK-4798 Error when opening the same email multiple times
SMOK-4797 Unable to create form/letter
SMOK-4796 AdoRepository transaction not working
SMOK-4794 Incorrect activity record is created when using "Save as" in Word
SMOK-4793 Contact Import duplicated Person contacts
SMOK-4785 Time and Billing Activity Code Issue
SMOK-4784 Bug: Smokeball buttons don't work in Excel
SMOK-4782 Lists are not syncing to Campaign monitor contacts
SMOK-4780 RAM usage of Smokeball. Memory not released when closing matter window
SMOK-4774 All day recurring event saved with incorrect start & end time
SMOK-4765 Investigate issues with 'Change acting for' code
SMOK-4757 Matter type configuration state always showing as firm state even when editing the matter type
SMOK-4751 Choosing to add an activity as a billable expense changes the owner of the activity and the billing
amount the person that adds the activity
SMOK-4748 REMOVE Smokeball Setup Wizard
SMOK-4731 Matter item listing subitem data disappearing issue
SMOK-4724 Editing a memo can move it to a random folder
SMOK-4720 Cannot use 'Copy to folder' from inside a folder
SMOK-4710 Outlook add-in may throw interface casting error when receiving new email
SMOK-4700 Assigning matter to a new email does not add the email to the document list
SMOK-4699 InfoTrack: authorise is spelt non-US way
SMOK-4698 QB Integration: Payment from Trust account for an invoice and Trust payment is indistinguishable.
SMOK-4697 QB Integration - Deposit of payments into Operating account.
SMOK-4695 Email sent activity time is too long
SMOK-4692 Formsuite too large for MSMQ
SMOK-4691 Calendaring - possible null reference exception
SMOK-4690 Calendar settings getting reset after updating Smokeball
SMOK-4689 Remoting Exception when editing memo for a long time
SMOK-4687 Large file download should have filename and extension
SMOK-4683 BUG Billing rate in Matter info not applied in SB Time and Expense via Activity
SMOK-4673 Time/Fee and Internal Note
SMOK-4670 "license" is spelled "licence" when you go to Add a new Staff & User
SMOK-4669 Smokeball calendar select all selects former staff
SMOK-4667 3.5 - Smokeball calendar, all day event exception
SMOK-4665 Time and Expense entry out of order
SMOK-4664 Bug: Real Estate Critical Dates Report
SMOK-4662 Support tab opens all links in a new browser window
SMOK-4660 Outlook add-in not keeping matter association after restarting Outlook if matter is associated in the stand alone email window
SMOK-4659 Exceptions thrown within a notification handler can cause windows service to crash
SMOK-4654 Bootstrapper changes
SMOK-4652 Cannot show field codes when document contains PRIVATE field
SMOK-4651 Add page to firm admin to change user email
SMOK-4649 Configuration Application crashes with OutOfMemoryException
SMOK-4646 Error when click on newly created event in daily digest section
SMOK-4642 Billing increment not syncing from Boost to Smokeball
SMOK-4641 Issue in 3.4.52: Envelope Function in Word Not Pulling Address Correctly
SMOK-4636 Creating an appointment that has 0 minutes duration will force the appointment to become an all day event
SMOK-4635 Cannot merge document after reopening it
SMOK-4634 Once the entry has been saved, you can't change the fixed fee to hours.
SMOK-4628 All day recurring events is computing incorrectly for daily digest emails
SMOK-4623 Bug: Opening a Shortcut with "Ask" as container
SMOK-4616 Activity tracking - sleep mode
SMOK-4615 Form Request Issue - Fails if the user does not have a valid email address
SMOK-4613 BETA: Deleting multiple folders within a matter
SMOK-4612 Gender Not Saving for Business Contacts
SMOK-4611 PDFs overwriting PDFs with the same name in other matters
SMOK-4608 Hyperlinks in user's email signatures are no longer links when you generate an email from
Smokeball using body text
SMOK-4607 Quickbooks integration: 1c off round in gross receipts and sales
SMOK-4606 Quickbooks Integration : Date should be the effective date for the transaction
SMOK-4603 Matter type selection window in document search always shows IL matter types
SMOK-4598 Activity not refreshing
SMOK-4592 Tasking - fix application crash
SMOK-4591 the Smokeball Google Chrome Extension Icon is still the old icon.
SMOK-4582 Changing matter type breaks VIC layout automation
SMOK-4571 Excel Files not opening after saving
SMOK-4569 PI Litigation Party Automation issue
SMOK-4540 Cannot edit or remove contact tags once created
SMOK-4536 InfoTrack - InfoTrack enabling on save without checking auth results
SMOK-4522 Pre Decree Court Information isn't merging
SMOK-4521 Possible memory leak copying files files on a matter
SMOK-4508 MatterListing bug when CustomUI subitem added to MatterType
SMOK-4482 US Daily Digest link broken
SMOK-4445 InfoTrack settings spelling error
SMOK-4439 Bug: PI (Beta) email address not showing when the desired contact is located in sublayouts, e.g. adjuster
SMOK-4338 Outlook add-in can add duplicate emails to the same matter if the sender sends the email to
multiple recipients in the same firm
SMOK-4208 Chrome Add-In Issue: Save Page Not Working
SMOK-4113 Updating closing time in the "Update events" window doesn't update closing details data
SMOK-4088 Bug: Unable to Save Document Directly into Folders
SMOK-4062 Deleted entities automate differently to matter listing
SMOK-3939 Adding a second person to matter via 'view details' doesn't hold
SMOK-3881 Date of Birth duplicating for second person on card
SMOK-3774 Change LLC entries to open at the Simple screen for look up

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