California Forms

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California Forms

Smokeball's form/letter library is a place to find all your templated letters and court and authority forms. Depending on which state you are located, you may find your forms in different folders. When you open the Form/Letter Library in California, you will see some shortcuts saved in your default folders.

*Note: If you do not see any Court & Authority forms, update your settings and subscribe to appropriate forms in Smokeball Settings: Form Suites. All form suites are included in your monthly prescription.

How to Access California forms (Judicial Council Forms):

1. Navigate to Form/Letter Library. Smokeball will open to a default folder based on the matter you are working in. You will see some shortcuts to popular Judicial Council forms along with some basic templates. You can add additional Shortcuts for Judicial Council Forms if you the specific forms you use frequently are not listed.

2. To see additional Callifornia forms and Judicial Council forms, scroll down to the "Court and Authority" forms on the left had side and select the appropriate folder.

Did you know...

  • Your letter and other templates you submitted for Smokeball to automate as part of your initial onboarding process are also located in the default folders. If you cannot find a specific template, get in touch with our help desk, your account manager, or check the "Favorites" folder in your Form/Letter Library.
  • Smokeball will automate unlimited amounts of Court & Authority forms. If cannot find a specific form, try Searching for the form. If there is an authority form not in Smokeball, contact your Account Manager or "Request a Form" in a support ticket.

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