Request a New Form / Request Changes to a Form

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Request a New Forms / Request Changes to Form

Smokeball will automate unlimited amounts of Court & Authority forms. If cannot find a specific form, try Searching for the form. Smokeball has a team of attorneys that are constantly updating our existing Court & Authority library.

If there is an authority form not in Smokeball, or you find there is an authority form that needs to be updated contact your Account Manager or "Request a Form" in a support ticket.

*Note: If you do not see any Court & Authority forms, update your settings and subscribe to appropriate forms in Smokeball Settings: Form Suites. All form suites are included in your monthly prescription.

How to Request a New Form / Request Changes to a Form

1. Navigate to Form/Letter Library and select Request a Form. You can also submit a ticket by contacting your Account Manager or our Help Desk Support.


Did you know...

  • Your letter and other templates you submitted for Smokeball to automate as part of your initial onboarding process are also located in the default folders. If you cannot find a specific template, get in touch with our help desk, your account manager, or check the "Favorites" folder in your Form/Letter Library.
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