Contact Tags

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Contact Tags

Contacts in Smokeball allow you to collect and store a variety of information in one place about a person, organization, or trust to be referenced or automated in letters and forms. Every contact will be tagged based on their role in a particular matter, but you add additional custom contact tags on top of the default Smokeball tags. Before everyone in your firm starts using contact tags, the best practice is to discuss what custom tags you want to use (Example: You don't want to have similar tags that serve the same purpose - "Holiday List" and "Christmas List").

Contact Tagging can be used to create additional lists that can be exported to CSV (Excel). The exported lists can be used for a variety of things, but not limited to Email Marketing. Talk to your account manager or trainer on ways you can utilize contact tags for your firm.

How to add a Contact Tag:

1. From the Advanced View of a contact:

  • (1) See default contact tags
  • (2) Add additional custom tags

Note: You can add as many additional tags as you wish


2. To access the contact lists, navigate to the Contact Area from the left hand side of the Smokeball Home Screen.


3. Select a specific custom tag or folder to view the list. You can export the list to a CSV file or later import the list into the Email Marketing feature, Campaign Monitor.


Did you know...

  • You can remove a contact tag, by right clicking on the tag you want to remove

  • Smokeball also has a similar feature called Matter Tags that can help you organize your matters. Talk to you account manager or training about some ideas of how to utilize matter tags for your practice.
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