Matter Action Bar

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Matter Action Bar

All actions you create in regards to a matter will be initialized from the Matter Action Bar.

Matter Action Bar Options:

1. Create Blank Letter, Court Form Caption, or Blank Document

2. Create Form/Letter: Create Template letters and documents including Court and Authority Forms. Click the link to learn more about the Form/Letter Library

3. Memo: Save phone call notes or other random notes about a matter. You can add time stamps. You can also format similar to a notepad.

4. Email: Email and send documents to a contact associated with a matter

5. Import: Import files or Folders. Click the link for a guide on importing.

6. Scan: Scan documents directly to a matter if using a local scanner connected to your PC. Click the link for a guide on scanning.

7. Event: Create a calendar event for a matter

8. Task: Create an individual task for an event. See link for a guide for tasks.

9. Message: Take a phone message related to a matter


Did you know...

  • There is an Action Bar located on the Smokeball Home Screen as well. The best practice is to always use the Matter Action Bar, but if you use the Home Screen, make sure you associate an appropriate matter to the action you are creating.


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