Mobile App - Tasks

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Mobile App - Tasks

Tasks are available to view and complete on the mobile app. While you are out of the office, you can complete important to-do's from the mobile app to stay in touch with staff in the office or make sure you never miss an important task. 

All your tasks will appear in Smokeball on your PC as well. See Tasks for how to create and start using tasks.

Open Tasks Area in Smokeball App:

1. From the Tasks Area:

  • (1) View your tasks or other staff tasks
  • (2) Complete tasks *Note: any overdue tasks will appear in RED
  • (3) Create a new task
  • (4) View Tasks Due Later or See Completed Tasks


2. From an Individual Task:

  • (1) View Individual Task info, Details, and Checklists
  • (2) Edit Existing Tasks

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