Mobile App - Matter Documents

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Mobile App - Matter Documents

One of the most powerful things about the Smokeball app besides accessing contacts, calendar and tasks is the ability to see Matter specific documents, events, and memos on your mobile phone.

You can:

  • View important documents, emails, and memos to recall certain facts about a matter at your finger tips
  • Print documents to a wireless printer that's connected to your phone or send a document via email
  • Take a picture of a signed document or anything else to get that into the Smokeball matter

Mobile App - Documents, Emails, and Memos:

1. From the Mobile App Matter Documents

  • (1) Search for a specific document
  • (2) View any document, email, memo in the Documents & Emails section including sub-folders
  • (3) Take a photo or upload an existing photo into the matter



2. From an open document

  • (1) Email the document
  • (2) Print to a wireless printer


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