Matter Tabs

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Matter Tabs

Each matter has additional tabs to help keep you organized and narrow down what you are looking for within a matter. The tabs allow you to modify your Matter Options, see important Matter Details, and manage Emails, Calendar Events, Tasks, and Activity on each individual Matter.

Matter Tabs:

1. Matter Tab: default tab that shows when you open a matter where you see all important details in regards with a matter and documents and emails.

 2. Email Tab: Manage all your emails from this matter

3. Calendar Events Tab: See all previous and all upcoming calendar events related to this matter

4. Tasks Tab: See completed tasks and upcoming tasks for the matter, Apply Workflows

5. Activity Tab: See Activity Intelligence for all  events, tasks, documents, emails, memos related to one specific matter


6. InfoTrack: See InfoTrack related searches including eSignatures with DocuSign

7. Time & Expenses: Manually enter fixed fee, time based, and expense entries

Did you know..

  • You can see your Calendar Events, Tasks, and Activity for all matters in the Areas accessed from the Smokeball Home Screen.

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