Mobile App Basics

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Mobile App Basics

The mobile app is a great resource to have access to all your matters on the go. By having matter and client information at your fingertips at all time, you can quickly access your Daily Digest, Matter info (including documents, emails and memos), Contacts, Calendar Events, Tasks, and Time Entries.

The mobile app is available for iphone and android.

To navigate through the mobile app, use the bar at the bottom of the app to navigate to:

Daily Digest -- Matters -- Contacts -- Calendar -- Tasks -- Time Entries


Mobile App Basic Navigation

Anchor1. Daily Digest: Phone messages, Daily Calendar Events, Daily Tasks

Anchor2. Matters: See and search through matters in Smokeball. See specific contact details and documents, emails, memos, events, tasks, and notes from a Matter.

Anchor3. Contacts: Call, text, email, see address info for all contacts

Anchor4. Calendar: View calendar and add new calendar events

Anchor5. Tasks: View all tasks and add new tasks

Anchor6. Time Entries: View time entries, add time entries, or launch Time Finder


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