Mobile App - Contacts

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Mobile App - Contacts

All of your Smokeball contacts are at your fingertips on the mobile app. As a result, you will not need to store extra contacts on your phone separately. You can use the Smokeball App to find all necessary contact information that may be related to a contact.

Open the Contact Area on the Mobile App:

1. From the Contacts area:

  • (1) Search for a Contact
  • (2) Add a New Contact



2. From an individual contact:

  • (1) Call, Text, or Copy the number directly from the contact
  • (2) Email the contact from your phone. *Note: You will still need to associate the email with a matter from Outlook on your PC to make sure it gets in the matter
  • (3) Open the contacts address in a Maps app on your phone and get directions to that destination

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