Mobile App - Matter Basics

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Mobile App - Matter Basics

Every open matter you have in Smokeball is available to access on the mobile app. Having access to all your open matters at your finger tips comes in handy when you are remote and might not have access to you computer. Using the mobile app might not completely eliminate the need to take paper files back and forth, but it does shrink the amount of information you need to carry in that paper file when you are out of the office.

You can quickly:

  • Look up contact information for any party in a matter
  • View documents, emails, and memos that include important matter details 
  • View your calendar events
  • Complete important tasks
  • Even see post-it notes and checklists related to a matter

How to search for a matter in the mobile app and matter basics:

1. Search for a client matter


2.Basic Navigation of a Matter on the Mobile App


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