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Contact Area

As you enter contacts into Smokeball or after your contacts are imported during your initial onboarding process, the contact area from the Smokeball Home Screen has all your Smokeball Contacts. Your contacts are also available on the Mobile App.

Contact Area:

1. Navigate to Contacts Area from the Smokeball Main Screen

  • (1) Default Smokeball tags when a contact is associated with a matter
  • (2) Custom Tags added to further organize, categorize, and email market to contacts.
  • (3) Access individual contact cards or all contact types.

Did you know...

  • You can export any contact list to a CSV file

  • You can create contacts from the home screen Action Bar or from the Contacts Area. Note: That contact will not be associated with any matter until it is used in a matter. The best practice is to always create contacts from a matter.



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