Document Containers


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Document Containers

Before you start creating your document template, you need to choose a Container type. Containers are the template type-specific top and/or bottom parts of a document that remain relatively the same whenever you open a new document.

In other words, Containers "contain" a document similar to an automated header and footer. Once you set up your Containers, rather than entering address blocks or formatting case captions for every new document you draft, you can focus your attention on the actual body of your documents.

Here is an example of what Containers look like:


1. In Smokeball Settings select "Document Containers." To add a Container, select "Add"

Default Container Types:

  • None – blank document with no container
  • Ask – prompts you to choose a container type each time you create a new document
  • Form – court form with a caption and signature block
  • Form, No Footer – court form with only a caption
  • Letter – letter with the firm’s letterhead and your signature block
  • Letter, No Footer – letter with only the firm’s letterhead
  • Blank – blank document for creating default styles (font, paragraph, spacing, etc.) that will be applied to non-form/letter documents


Did you know…

  • By setting up Document Containers, you can save yourself time automating various letters or your own version of a court prescribed form.
  • Do you need to update a container and can't figure our how to? Check out our Support page to submit a ticket or give us a call.
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