Automation 101

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Automation 101

Smokeball's automation tool is an easy way to help you fill in documents quickly and accurately. If you have existing templates or form that you have already created, it is possible to upload them to Smokeball and automate fields.

How to automate an existing document/template:

1. Upload a Form/Letter to automate. Template Creation Basics outlines how to add to the Form/Letter Library.

  • (1) Click Browse for an Existing Document
  • (2) Name the document
  • (3) Choose a container type from the Container drop down menu and change location (if applicable)
  • Click Create.

2. Note what fields on your document are available to automate. Note: For the sake of easily showing what we will automate, we have changed the font to "red" to show what fields we will automate

3. Use the Smokeball automation toolbar to insert fields. You can add Basic Field Insertions, Ask, or If/Then/Else. Below is how to insert a basic field.

  • (1) Highlight the desired field
  • (2) Find the desired field on the Smokeball toolbar
  • (3) Double Click or select insert


Did you know...

  • You can switch between showing the values and fields in your document

  • Smokeball will automate unlimited amounts of Court and Authority prescribed forms. Submit additional forms to you Account Manager.
  • As part of your onboarding process, your Smokeball Account Manager/Trainer will teach you how to automate your own documents. If you would like additional training at any point or find your need a refresher, reach out and we would gladly provide additional training.



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