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Automation: If/Then/Else Asks

There are two different types of If/Then/Else statements that allow you to add advanced automation into your documents. You can build an If/Then/Else Ask Statement or an If/Then/Else Field Statement

If you have different versions of a fee agreement letter or pleading, it may be possible to convert them to one document and utilize Smokeball's advanced If/Then/Else automation features.

The below If/Then/Else Statement is built based of an Ask ... meaning, based on how a question is answered, Smokeball will automate a document a particular way.

How to set up an If/Then/Else Ask Statement

1. Setup up specific Asks in the document.

2. Insert the desired If/Then/Else Ask

  • (1) Select area where text will appear
  • (2) Select ask
  • (3) Add an answer under "Equal" and insert

3. If/Then/Else statement will appear to edit:

4. Entered desired text or insert additional asks to finalize statement.

5. When executed, the document will automate below

If the client owes more fees --> then --> the automation will ask "What is the outstanding balance" and insert the proper text:

If the client does not owe any more fees (ELSE) --> the automation inserts different text:


Did you know...

  • To test your If/Then/Else statement while automating, (1) select "run questions for this form" and (2) toggle to "show values"

  • You can insert an If/Then/Else Statement within an already existing statement for additional options. The below statement is an example that will automate based off a field: (1) "her" if gender is female, (2) "his" if gender is male, (3) "his/her" if gender is not specified.
  • You can switch between showing the values and fields in your document

  • Smokeball will automate unlimited amounts of Court and Authority prescribed forms. Submit additional forms to you Account Manager.
  • As part of your onboarding process, your Smokeball Account Manager/Trainer will teach you how to automate your own documents. If you would like additional training at any point or find your need a refresher, reach out and we would gladly provide additional training.



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