Helpful Training Links

Helpful Training Links

Smokeball Basics:

Basic Navigation: How to navigate Smokeball

New Matter: Quickly create a new matter (minimum amount of info to enter a matter)

Mobile App Basics: Basic navigation of the mobile app

Home Screen: Support: Contact information and how to connect to a support technician

Initial Training:

Matters: Basic navigation of a matter

Importing Documents and Folders: How to import folders and documents into Smokeball

Contacts Best Practices: Best practices for entering contacts -- How to add husband/wife together, etc.

Form/Letter Library: Basic navigation of the form/letter library

Email Basics: How to save emails to Smokeball

Smokeball Settings: Walk through of the global settings of Smokeball

Matter Configuration: Set up default re:lines, folders, notes, and efile

Tasks & Workflows: How to create an individual task & how to make a set of tasks that are repeated across every matter

Advanced Training:

Template Creation Basics: How to make a template from a blank document in Smokeball

Automation 101: How to start automating your existing templates that are uploaded into Smokeball



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