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Automation: If/Then/Else Field

There are two different types of If/Then/Else statements that allow you to add advanced automation into your documents. You can build an If/Then/Else Field Statement or If/Then/Else Ask Statement.

If you have different versions of an fee agreement or pleading, it may be possible to convert them to one document and utilize Smokeball's advanced If/Then/Else automation features.

The below If/Then/Else Statement is built based of Field ... meaning, based on what the field is or information available about the field, Smokeball will automate a document a particular way.

How to set up an If/Then/Else Field Statement:

1. Select Field to automate off of and enter "true" info for the If/Then/Else Statement

2. Insert the If/Then/Else Statement 

3. Type in the desired language to appear

4. The automation insert "her" if the gender is female and "his" if the gender is not female.

Did you know...

  • You can copy and paste If/Then/Else to appear multiple places in a document
  • You can insert an If/Then/Else Statement within an already existing statement for additional options. This is relevant for If/Then/Else Asks as well. The below statement is an example that will automate: (1) "her" if gender is female, (2) "his" if gender is male, (3) "his/her" if gender is not specified.





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