Time Finder


Time Finder

Smokeball's Activity Intelligence helps keep track of everything you are doing in Smokeball including events, tasks, memos, emails, documents, etc. It is possible to create time entries directly from activity intelligence, but you can also use the Finder to search through all your activities and quickly create time entries. Finder will also be available on the mobile app.

How to use Time Finder:

1. From the Home Screen, Individual Matter, Activity/Activity Intelligence, or Time & Expenses action bar, select Time Finder

2. You can choose to "find" activity:

  • By Scrolling through days, week, month
  • Select a specific calendar date
  • Choose other staff members

3. Create a time entry

  • (1) Review the item
  • (2) Select if you want it billable
  • (3) Enter or change duration
  • (4) Choose to accept, reject, or edit the activity

      finder_approve.pngApprove     finder_deny.png Reject     finder_edit.png Edit activity

4. Time entries will appear in the Time & Expense Tab


Did you know...

  • You can sort activities in finder by showing "oldest" activity first or group activities by matters


  • You can also create time entries from activity intelligence

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