InfoTrack: Basics and Activate InfoTrack


InfoTrack: Basics and Activate InfoTrack

InfoTrack is an online search tool that specializes in connecting law firms with report services they need to purchase, use, or subscribe to throughout the legal process. InfoTrack also has a lot of other key integrations including accepting electronic signatures with DocuSign.

While working in Smokeball, the most common you'll use and see is the integration with DocuSign for signatures in Word. However, InfoTrack offers a variety of additional features and services available at a discount to Smokeball clients.

Note: All features offered through InfoTrack are outside the normal subscription costs of Smokeball and require additional authorization and set up. Some services like a signature might be $5, but other reports or certificates range from $60-100+

InfoTrack Features

How to Activate InfoTrack:

1. Under Smokeball Settings, click on InfoTrack and "Create an Account"

2. Follow the steps to sign up for InfoTrack. Billing info is required since this service is outside the normal Smokeball subscription


3. After your account is created, "Authorize" your account by entering your username/password and "Enabling Infotrack Integration"

4. All of Infotrack features including electronic signatures and report services will become available

Did you know...

  • InfoTrack invoices are sent monthly directly from InfoTrack. Any questions on invoices reach out to InfoTrack directly at or 844-340-3096
  • All the searches and reports needed for a client will be stored directly in a matter making it easy to create expense entries and bill the client.
  • InfoTrack has over 6,000 law firms using their services on a monthly basis internationally
  • InfoTrack has been providing services to the legal market for over 15 years 
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