Time Scribe (AutoTime): Performance Report & Matter Profitability


Time Scribe: Performance Report & Matter Profitability

Whether you bill based on time, a fixed fee, or contingency, knowing profitability of matters is an important metric to track. Time Scribe Performance Reporting helps you understand where you are and where you are not making money. Only the admin user(s) will have access to these features within Smokeball. Non-admin users have a limited view.

Talk to your account manager on getting Time Scribe activated and take advantage of the performance reporting for your firm. 

Performance Report & Matter Profitability

1. Make sure you have enabled Time Scribe and an Estimated Annual Cost for each Time Scribe user. Note: Only the admin user(s) will be able to add estimated annual cost and view the performance report & matter profitability

2. From a matter and navigate to the Activity tab and select Performance under the Activity Intelligence

3. You can run an Activity-Based Performance and Profitability Report that is based off the amount of activities completed per staff. Each report will have a staff member breakdown

4. You can also generate a Time-Based Performance report based on time spent by each staff member


Did you know...

  • Performance Reporting and Matter Profitability is only currently available on a matter basis. There is no performance report across all members per staff currently





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