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Time and Expense Entries on a Matter

Smokeball allows you to keep track of time and expense entries. If you are used to a manual time/fee or expense entry, it's easy to start making those entries in Smokeball. Follow the steps below for creating time/fee and expense entries in Smokeball.

In case you were not aware, Smokeball's Activity Intelligence helps keep track of everything you are doing in Smokeball. Don't miss an important activity by utilizing Activity Intelligence or Finder. See Creating Time Entries from Activity Intelligence for more information on saving time creating time entries.

How to Enter Time and Expenses on a Matter:

1. Select the "Time & Expenses" tab in a matter

2. Create a Time/Fee Entry

  • (1) Enter the date for the entry
  • (2) Enter a subject of what was completed. Note: You can set up activity codes to help quickly enter time/fee entries as well as add a description (optional)
  • (3) Enter the amount of time (Hrs) or fixed fee amount and click save

3. Create an Expense Entry

  • (1) Select a date
  • (2) Enter a subject for the expense. Note: You can create activity codes for expenses for quick entry and add a description (optional)
  • (3) Enter a quantity and price

4. You can also create a quick Time/Fee or Expense entry

  • (1) Enter Date
  • (2) Enter Subject or use created activity code
  • (3) Enter Duration
  • (4) Add either time or expense

Did you know

  • You can print or export Time/Fee or Expense entries 

  • You can choose to make time and expense entries as billable of non-billable by checking the box billable.png
  • There is a global area for Time & Expenses across all matters accessible from the home screen of Smokeball. Note: If you create a Time/Fee or Expense entry from the main tab, be sure to associate a matter to the entry

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