Activity Intelligence: Create Time Entry


Using Activity Intelligence to Create Time Entries

Smokeball's Activity Intelligence helps keep track of everything you are doing in Smokeball. Rather than spend extra time trying to remember everything you completed for a client, use Activity Intelligence to save time and ensure you don't miss billing anything you do for a client. It is quick and easy to create a time entry from Activity intelligence.

How to use Activity Intelligence to Create Time Entries:

1. From a matter or Homne Screen, select activity / activity intelligence 

2. On the activity tab:

  • (1) Review the tasks, documents, events, emails, etc. completed
  • (2) Enter or change the duration of time spent
  • (3) Select Add

3. A time entry will be created for that activity and available under the Time & Expense tab


Did you know...

  • Time Finder is a helpful tool that will search Smokeball for all activity that you have not created time entries for. 

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