InfoTrack: Matter Features


InfoTrack: Matter Features

InfoTrack is an online search tool that specializes in connecting law firms with report services they need to purchase, use, or subscribe to throughout the legal process. You can see firm expenses on each order under an individual matter under the InfoTrack tab in a matter.

You will need to Activate InfoTrack to utilize these features.

InfoTrack Tab in a Matter

1. From a matter, click on the InfoTrack Tab on the top of a matter

2. InfoTrack Matter Tab Action bar

  • (1) New Search: Launch InfoTrack to run Court Searches, 1099S, CSC Corporate, D&B Reports, etc.
  • (2) Fee Summary: Generate a report with all InfoTrack expenses/orders and print through InfoTrack's website

Note: Any InfoTrack services will appear on for this matter below the action bar.

3. InfoTrack Orders for the matter

  • See a list of all reports or electronic signatures ordered
  • View the status, user who completed the order, and expense fee for the order

Did you know...

  • You can view all orders across all matters by selecting the "Orders" button on the home screen
  • InfoTrack invoices are sent monthly directly from InfoTrack. Any questions on invoices reach out to InfoTrack directly at or 844-340-3096



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