Time Scribe (AutoTime): Basics


Time Scribe AutoTime: Basics

Smokeball already has been tracking a variety of activities completed through Activity Intelligence. Time Scribe builds on Activity Intelligence so you never have to time record ever again. Even if you don't bill for your time, Time Scribe will give you insight into matter profitability. There will be many additions and refinements made to Time Scribe, but here are some basics of Time Scribe.

Talk to your account manager on getting Time Scribe activated for your firm

How Time Scribe Works

1. Time Scribe automatically records the amount of time spend on activities and creates time/fee entries in Smokeball for the following actions:

  • Matter Administration: Any time a matter window is opened and information updated in a matter, a time entry will be created
  • Document: Every time a document is created, edited, or reviewed, Time Scribe tracks the amount of time spent on the document
  • Email: Emails are grouped together for sent and received items
  • Memo: Any time a memo is created, an entry will be added, but duration needs to be added
  • Event: Entry created based on duration of the event
  • Tasks: A duration needs to be added for the task entries
  • Phone Message: Phone Messages create a task where duration can be entered for the time entry

2. Time Scribe creates a time entry (on a user by user basis) for all activity completed on a matter daily. Below is an example of what the time entry will look like.

3. Performance Reporting

Whether you bill based on time, a fixed fee, or contingency, knowing profitability of matters is an important metric to track. Time Scribe Performance Reporting helps you understand where you are and where you are not making money. Below is an example of a time-based performance report.


Did you know...

  • Time Scribe receive an email as soon as their AutoTime run has completed. The email will be sorted by matter including the entry duration and amount.
  • Time Scribe entries can be edited and modified before sending an invoice to a client. You can edit the date, description, duration, rate, amount. Note: these updates will not be reflected in Activity Intelligence and only in the time entry
  • Time Scribe Entries can be deleted
  • Time Scribe Entries are NOT automatically billed
  • Time Scribe will run every night and create a time/fee entry for all activities performed the previous day. You can manually run Time Scribe for any activities not previously recorded from the Smokeball Home Screen




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