Create a Manual Time Scribe (AutoTime) Entry


Time Scribe: Create Manual Time Scribe Entry

Time Scribe builds on Activity Intelligence so you never have to time record ever again. There will be many additions and refinements made to Time Scribe, but here are some basics of Time Scribe.

Talk to your account manager on getting Time Scribe activated for your firm. You can also review the current core features of Time Scribe in other sections on our support page.

How to Create a Manual Time Scribe Entry

1. On Smokeball's Home Screen, select Time Scribe from the Action Bar at the top. You will see:

  • Today's Time Scribe entries
  • Time Scribe History for other days

Note: Time Scribe will still run between 1am-3am every day even if you create a manual Time Scribe entry

2. Select "Run Time Scribe Now"

3. Select and date and Time Scribe will create an entry for the activities completed since the last Time Scribe run


Did you know...

  • Time Scribe receive an email as soon as their AutoTime run has completed. The email will be sorted by matter including the entry duration and amount.
  • Time Scribe entries can be edited and modified before sending an invoice to a client. You can edit the date, description, duration, rate, amount. Note: these updates will not be reflected in Activity Intelligence and only in the time entry
  • Time Scribe Entries can be deleted
  • Time Scribe Entries are NOT automatically billed
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