Email Marketing: Campaign Monitor Create a Campaign


Email Marketing: Campaign Monitor Create a Campaign

Smokeball allows you to email market to your clients in a variety of ways. The easiest way to start email marketing is to start creating lists based off of Contact Tags within Smokeball. You can set up email marketing campaigns and track the effectiveness of the email. You can visit Campaign Monitor's Tutorials for additional training materials as well.

Note: There is a additional fee outside of the monthly subscription fee to utilize Email Marketing.

Cost Per Campaign $10
Cost Per Email Recipient $0.05

How to create a campaign in Campaign Monitor:

1. Under "Campaigns" select "Create new campaign"


2. Set up the campaign

  • (1) Create a name for the campaign for internal reference
  • (2) Set up your subject line (re: line)
  • (3) Insert what email you want to send the campaign from


3. Choose a template from Campaign Monitor


4. Edit the content on the template by typing directly in the areas. You can upload images and videos as well.


5. When you are ready to move on and all content is edited, select "Preview"


6. Review the preview or send a test email. When ready to finalize, select "define recipients"


7. Select a previously Created List or import a new list


8. Review campaign snapshot and "schedule delivery"


9. Send your campaign

  • (1) Schedule a specific time or send it immediately
  • (2) Choose where to send a confirmation email
  • (3) Select "Send Campaign now" to execute your campaign


10. Once a campaign is created, you can access helpful reporting into the effectiveness of the email campaign


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