Boost Time & Billing Integration

Boost: Time & Billing Integration 

With the help of Activity Intelligence, Time & Expense Entry, and Time Scribe, it is very easy to keep track of time and remember everything done for a client. The next step is to create and invoice and bill your client. Boost is a Smokeball created web based time and billing software that integrates directly with Smokeball.

Every entry created in Smokeball will be available in Boost to add to an invoice and send to a client. Below is an article of how to activate Boost and open Boost. Note: You must use google chrome when using Boost

Visit our Boost Support Page for training articles and videos on Boost

How to Navigate to Boost:

1. Talk to your Account Manager or Trainer about activating Boost (if not already activated). Once activated, you will be able to select the Boost option in your Activity Settings.


2. From a matter, or home page, click the Boost Button


3. To learn more about Boost and all the features related, please visit our Boost Support Page

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