Email Marketing: Campaign Monitor Create a List


Email Marketing: Campaign Monitor Create a List

Smokeball allows you to email market to your clients in a variety of ways. The easiest way to start email marketing is to start creating lists based off of Contact Tags within Smokeball. You can set up email marketing campaigns and track the effectiveness of the email. You can visit Campaign Monitor's Tutorials for additional training materials as well.

Note: There is a additional fee outside of the monthly subscription fee to utilize Email Marketing.

Cost Per Campaign $10
Cost Per Email Recipient $0.05


How to Create a List or Subscribers in Campaign Monitor:

1. Under your Email Marketing settings, Sync a list from your Smokeball Contacts or Contact Tags

  • If you are not syncing a list, under Lists & Subscribers, select "Create a new list"

2. Set up the list and select "Create list"

  • (1) Give the list a name
  • (2) Choose to allow recipients to unsubscribe or opt-in first


3. Add Subscribers


4. Add subscribers

  • (1) Manually enter email addresses and names separated by commas or drag and drop a CSV
  • (2) Select "import these subscribers"


5. Once list is created, you can add additional recipients to the list at any timecreate_new_list_add_new_subscribers.png

Did you know...

  • Smokeball Contact Tags are a great way to set up lists for campaign monitor
  • Once a list is created, you can create a campaign from one of the templates to send to a client
  • Campaign Monitor has a variety of additional tutorials available on their support page
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