Personal Injury (Advanced)

Firm Fee % calculation in the Settlement Tab of the Damages layout.

When you enter a Firm Fee % (depending on the Firm Fee Type selection), Smokeball will calculate the amount of firm fees into the “Less Firm Fees” field.


If the Firm Fee Type = “Percentage of gross settlement”

then “Less Firm Fees” = Settlement Amount * Firm Fee %

If the Firm Fee Type = “Percentage after firm costs”

then “Less Firm Fees” = (“Settlement Amount” – “Less Firm Costs”) * “Firm Fee %”

If the Firm Fee Type = “Manual entry” Then “Less Firm Fees” is not calculated and is open for manual entry of fees.

Ability to add notes in the Negotiations section

In the Settlement tab – Negotiations section, a new feature has been added to allow you to enter notes for each negotiation.


By click on the Notes icon, a Negotiation Notes window will appear. You may enter notes for each negotiations line item. After you enter a note, the Notes icon will change to a red/orange color.


Ability to switch to other tab screens from the Settlement Tab

In the Settlement tab, you can click on the highlighted items and will be redirected to that tab. For example, if you click on “Earnings Loss” on the Settlement tab, you will be directed to the “Earnings Loss” tab.


Ability to add the Statute of Limitations date to your calendar

In Case Details, you are now able to add the Statute of Limitations date to your calendars. To add the Statute of Limitations date to your calendar, click on the “Create Events” button.


When you click on the “Create Events” button, the “Create events” window will appear allowing you to select which calendar to apply the date to.


Ability to add more than one adjuster to Insurance Policy Details

You now can add more than one adjuster and their applicable claims in the Insurance Policy Details layout.

The Insurance Policy Details layout is located under the Plaintiff or Defendant.


Once you open the “Insurance Policy Details” layout, you will see the option to add multiple adjusters in the Claim Details section.


Ability to add Invoices Details continually

When entering invoices for Medicals, you can now click on the “Save & New” button to save the data and open another Invoice Details window. This is to help users enter Invoice Details quicker and eliminate the number of mouse clicks to enter new invoices.


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