Create PDF or Combine Multiple Files into a PDF


Document Creation: Combine Multiple Files into PDF

Besides generating documents, Smokeball can very easily help you convert a file into PDF or combine multiple files into one PDF. Once documents, emails, images, etc. are created or imported into Smokeball, right click to convert to a PDF or to generate a PDF of multiple documents.

How to generate PDF's in Smokeball:

1. Right Click on any file under the Documents & Emails section of a matter. To create a single PDF, select "Create PDF"

2. To combine multiple files into one PDF, see step 1 and select "Create Multiple file PDF"

  • (1) Select "Combine files into one PDF" and name the file
  • (2) Choose the files for the PDF by double clicking or selecting the file and then the arrow in the middle of the screen
  • (3) Review selected files for the PDF and select "OK"

3. You can also create a pdf and combine files into a PDF when emailing a client by adding an attachment and following the same step

Did you know...

  • You can combine different types of files into a combined file PDF including: pdf, word, excel, jpeg, emails, etc.
  • OCR'd PDF's are searchable in Smokeball


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