I am not receiving my Smokeball Daily Digest.

I am no longer receiving my Daily Digest. How do I fix this?

If you notice that you have not received your Smokeball Daily Digest, perform the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Send a test Daily Digest email.
  • Check junk folders.

Open Smokeball. Go to Settings > Outlook & Notifications. Make sure "Send me a daily summary e-mail every morning" is selected. Hit "Send now" to manually deliver the Daily Digest to your inbox. Allow up to ten minutes for the Daily Digest to be delivered. 

If you do not receive the Daily Digest, check the Junk Email folder in Outlook. If the Digest is there, move the email to the inbox and make sure to add the sender to the "Safe Senders" list. More information here.

Lastly, if the Daily Digest does not send manually or land in the Junk Email folder, you can submit a ticket or give our support line a call at (855) 668-3207.

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