Associated emails are not showing in Smokeball.

Why aren't my emails being associated with a matter? 

Here are a few tips to help locate an email that should be associated with a matter. 

  • Make sure the email is associated with the matter by looking at the toolbar.
  • Check to make sure that the email is showing up under "Documents and Emails"
  • Look to see if the email shows up in the emails tab.

First, open up the email you are trying to associate to a matter.

Check the Smokeball toolbar. Do you see the name of the matter, an empty Smokeball search bar, a swirling Smokeball symbol, or nothing?

If you see either of the last two options, you may need to check to see if the Add-in is enabled by following the instructions here.

If the name is not there and a search bar is in its place, you will need to search for the matter and associate the email to that matter.

Next, check to see if the email shows up under the "Document & Emails" view.

If things are still not showing correctly, check the "Emails" tab. Make sure to have the correct view on. Is the email a received or sent email, etc.? 

Lastly, check to see if any emails can be associated to the matter. Send an email, associate its reply and your reply to the matter. Do they stick? If this works and the other email is still not appearing (or if emails are not sticking at all), enter a ticket or give our Support line a call at (855) 668-3207. 


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