I cannot see my matter.

I entered a matter and now I cannot see it anymore. Where did it go?

If you have entered a matter into Smokeball and notice that you cannot find it, this could be because:

  • The matter view is set to the wrong view.
  • The matter has been tagged incorrectly.
  • There was an error uploading the matter.

On the main screen you will find the list of matters according to their current view filter. It is best to make sure the view is set so that the matters you wish to see appear on the list.

Check the matter tags. Is the matter tagged under anything that would hide it from the main matter view? (You can also change the status from within the matter.)

If the matter is still not visible, check with other coworkers (if applicable) to see if they see the matter. If you are still unable to see the matter (and if your coworkers do or do not see the matter), please give our support line a call at (855) 668-3207 or submit a ticket

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