I cannot see my Outlook events in my Smokeball calendar.

I noticed my Smokeball calendar does not match my Outlook calendar. Help!

If your calendars are not matching up, it could be that your calendar syncing settings are not established (or have been reset accidentally).

Open Smokeball. Go to Settings > Outlook & Notifications. Make sure the calendar sync is selected. Refresh the calendar sync and select the calendar you would like to sync to. Hit "Save". 

NOTE: Smokeball can only sync to local calendars. This means that the calendar cannot be a shared calendar. The list of calendars shown on the calendar list will only be local calendars.

Allow for some time for the calendars to sync. Keep Outlook and Smokeball open. If things have not synced up by the end of the day, please submit a ticket or give our support line a call at (855) 668-3207.

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