My Smokeball extension in Google Chrome does not work.

I cannot find my Smokeball Google Chrome extension. How do I get it back?

**NOTE: You must be using Google Chrome as your web browser. This extension does not work on Internet Explorer, Safari, or other web browsers**

If you notice that your Chrome extension has been disabed or has disappeared, try the following:

1. In your Google Chrome browser, click the three parallel lines.

2. Click "More Tools," then click "Extensions" to open your Chrome extensions page.

3. Scroll down the list, look for the Smokeball extension, and make sure the "Enabled" box is checked.


4. If the Smokeball extension is not on the list, click here to install the extension from the Google Chrome web store

5. Click "Add to Chrome" to install the extension.

If you have any issues or questions, call our Support line at (855) 668-3207, or submit a new support ticket.


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