Another user cannot see changes I made to Smokeball.

Changes I make in Smokeball are not showing for other users. How do I fix this?

If your changes are not visible on other Smokeball accounts, run through the following steps to troubleshoot this problem:

  • Restart the computers.
  • Check for Windows or Smokeball updates.
  • Create a test note.

(NOTE: A delay of 1-5 minutes is normal.)

1. If you notice that changes being made are not appearing on other accounts, restarting your computer is the best first step fix this. NOTE: Restarting your computer once or twice a week is always best for your computer.

2. Next, check for Windows updates. The option to update may pop-up when you restart your computer. It is always excellent computer practice to keep your computer updated. 

To check if Smokeball is up to date, open Smokeball and go to the Settings window. In the lower left corner, you will either see that Smokeball is up-to-date or that there is an update to apply. Apply the update if need be.

3. If the changes are still not visible, create a test note in the matter where information is not changing for others.

Check to see if others can see the test note. You can also check to see if the note (and the other information in question) has appeared on the Smokeball mobile app. 

If the note appears but the information hasn't appeared after performing the first two steps, then submit a ticket or give our support line a call at (855) 668-3207.


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