JULY 2015

New Additions:

PDF Documents

Need to edit a PDF that already exists on your matter? Now, when you open the PDF from the matter if you have made edits, just make sure you click save in Adobe or whatever application is used to edit your PDF’s. We have supported most of the common PDF editing applications.

You can then close the document, as a Version will be saved to your matter.

Online URL Publishing


Your firm can now publish documents to a stored URL. To do this, add URLs into the Matter Configuration. Then select the document you wish to file and choose Publish Online > Link. This will pull on the website you will want to publish your file to. When browsing for the file location, click Ctrl + V to paste the location into Windows Explorer. This makes it more convenient to publish your files directly online in just a few simple steps!

Matter Details

Want to add in additional descriptions per matter? You now have the ability to insert your own Matter Descriptions with the ability to over-ride your notes. This feature is located within each matter in Matter Details.

 Feature Refinements:

  • Main Matter Screen: Changed “Matter Number” column to “Internal Reference”.
  • Matter Types: Added an RE Line and Matter Description field for Admin Authorization and Easement matter types.
  • Import: Changed to a split button between Files and Folders. Primary is files; secondary is folders.
  • RE Line: Created Internal Reference RE line field.


Bug Fixes:

  • Matter Types: Changing matter types causes Matter Title to resolve incorrectly for other side.
  • Emails: Saving to a file even though it was disassociated.
  • Import: Matter files are not refreshing after being imported.
  • Firm Details: Firm Details not sticking during the Installation process.
  • Reporting: Staff names appearing multiple times on the reporting filter.
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