New Additions:

Daily Digest Pane

Interested in today's tasks, events, or messages? Use the new Daily Digest Pane. This is now located on the right side of the Matter Area.

Tasks & Workflow


We can’t add extra hours to your day, but we can help you to use the ones you have more efficiently. Task & Workflow centralizes your firm’s to-do lists and action items, so you can spend less time planning what to do and more time actually doing it. This course will show you how to use Smokeball’s Task & Workflow to work smarter— and faster.

Check out the academy for new details: http://academy.smokeball.com

Phone Messages

Need to take a message? Use our Message area. Click Message in the Actionbar to take all the details.

Bug Fixes:

  • Automation: added Person/DeathPlaceCounty
  • Outlook: Email Subject error fixed
  • Tags: No longer getting duplicated in Matter Configuration
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