Clio Integration tips and tricks

How do I configure my Clio Account to integrate with my Smokeball Account?

Your Smokeball helpdesk consultant will be able to enable the Clio integration for you. Before doing so they will ensure that the data in both applications is in a good format to ensure the best initial integration of your data.

If you would like to setup the integration please contact our support team by logging a ticket above, or giving us a call at any time.

Once your Clio - Smokeball integration is complete, there are a few important things to note so you understand what data is being Synchronized and how.

What is synchronized?

The Clio Integration is a two-way data sync, which includes the following:

Contacts     Two way between Smokeball & Clio

Matters       The following information syncs two ways between Smokeball and Clio: Client; Other Side; Opposing Counsel; Matter Number 

Events        Two way between Smokeball & Clio

Staff           One way between Clio & Smokeball 

This is the only data that is synced between the two applications. No Documents, notes or communications are currently included in the sync. Should you have a desire for this information to sync please contact the helpdesk so we can discuss it with you.

Where should I start my matters?

It is our recommendation that you always create your matters in Smokeball. The reason for this is that Smokeball has a strict and managed "matter type" structure which Clio does not have. Therefore, when you enter the Matter in Smokeball, ALL necessary information will be created in Clio. If the matter is created in Clio first, Smokeball may not know the exact matter type, nor will all the relevant information be transferred through to Smokeball.


If you have any other questions regarding the integration please contact the helpdesk by logging a ticket above.



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