Importing Documents and Folders

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Importing Documents and Folders

While documents can be created directly in Smokeball, documents and folders created elsewhere can also be saved to your matters. When you import folders, the current folder structure is maintained.

How to Import Using the Action Bar Import Button:

1. At the top of the Matter Screen, click the Import button and select File or Folder


2. Locate and select the (1) file or (2) folder you want to save. Note: There is a 250 MB limit on file size to upload to Smokeball. You can upload multiple files at the same time even if they all are 200 MB each.

3. Click "Open" or "OK".


Did you know

  • You can drag and drop from a folder or your your desktop into the Documents & Emails section in a Matter

  • You can also drag & drop from open emails or anywhere else where documents are stored.
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