JUNE 28, 2016

The Late June 2016 Smokeball Version Release features tremendous improvements to the stability and performance of Smokeball, Word and Outlook, along with bug fixes and refinements. If you have questions about any of the additions, please contact the helpdesk by submitting a ticket to support@smokeball.com or calling (855) 688-3207.

Stability and Performance

The Smokeball Development team has spent the last few weeks dedicated to providing the most stable and best performing version of Smokeball ever released.

Refinements Completed

  • General: Client Full Name (eg [First Name] [Last Name]) is now shown in the matter title, browse matter panel, events, tasks and email tagging panels in Smokeball.
  • General: Add Website field on Organization advanced contact screen underneath the email field
  • General: Motor vehicle accident injury claim won't show case details description in matter details screen even if there's data
  • General: File import process shows a new progress window for each depth level of folder. At the end of an import any documents which failed to import will be listed for your action.
  • Calendar: When adding and then closing an event prompt to save when hitting x to close
  • Calendar: Add "Are you sure you want to delete this event" confirmation when deleting a calendar event from the calendar, daily digest or matter view.
  • Scanner: Support TWAIN drivers / scanners. This allows you to use the more powerful scan software / interface that comes with your scanner.
  • Outlook: Select attachments screen doesn't display files if the matter hasn't been opened
  • Clio Sync: International Phone Numbers now integrate correctly between Smokeball and Clio
  • Reports: The Statute of Limitations Report is now sorted by the statute of limitations date
  • Content: Matter Description did not always automate correctly. This has been resolved.
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