Daily Digest

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Daily Digest

On the right side of the Smokeball Home Screen, the Daily Digest displays your upcoming calender events.

1. Navigate to the Daily Digest to see today's calendar events, phone messages, and tasks.

2. From the Daily Digest, you can:

  • (1) Look at previous or future dates and print
  • (2) Collapse Events, Phone Messages, and Tasks
  • (3) Add additional Events, Phone Messages, and Tasks

*Note: It's best practice to add calendar events and tasks directly from the matter action bar to ensure every event and task is associated with a matter.


Did you know…

  • Overdue tasks will show up with red text and how many days they are overdue

  • You should receive your daily digest in your email every morning. If you are not receiving it, see Not Receiving the Daily Digest for instructions on how to set this up.
  • The Daily Digest Pane can be collapsed at the bottom of the pane.The collapsed view of the pane will display today’s date and the number of events, tasks and messages, respectively.

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