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Know Your Areas

The information entered into Smokeball is organized into five Areas: Matters, Contacts, Events, Tasks, and Reports.

How to select an Area:

  1. On the left side of the Smokeball Home Screen, select your desired area.
  • (1) Matters: Used to access client matters. It is organized by areas of law, or matter types
  • (2) Contacts: Used to view all firm contacts, whether housed within specific matters or pulled from the firm’s Outlook contact list
  • (3) Calendar: View individual and Firm wide Calendar
  • (4) Task Area: Show all tasks for you and your firm
  • (5) Activity Intelligence: Access the "fit bit" for your law firm. See all activities completed in Smokeball.
  • (6) Reports: Run a variety of reports to increase your firm’s organization and productivity.

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