Types of Contacts


Contact Types

A Contact is any party added to Smokeball, whether associated directly with a given matter or synchronized from your firm contacts. Each time you add a person, entity, or trust to Smokeball, the details are saved to a contact card. Smokeball remembers all the details for future use.

Smokeball Contact Types:

  • Person – Choose if the contact is a human person.

  • Firm/Business/Organization – Choose if the contact is an entity, law office, solo attorney, etc. (other than a trust). Add owners, employees, or other individuals acting on its behalf to the contact card. You can also edit the legal role ("business role") under the contact card.

  • Trust – Choose if the entity is a Trust.


Did you know…

  • Don’t forget to select a title when adding a Person— that information is used to assign gender for Document Automation.

  • Each time you create a contact from a matter, Smokeball add a default tag. You can add custom tags to your contacts. Contact tags are a great way to organize and further categorize contacts.
  • A contact can be created from the Smokeball Home Screen Action Bar
  • To access the advanced view, a contact name must be entered. Double-clicking a contact after creating it will pull up the Advanced View, allowing you to add even more contact details.


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