Widgets: Notes

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Widgets: Post-It Notes

Notes make it easy to keep important matter information front and center, from quick reminders about clients to matter-specific practice checklists. If you find yourself with Post-It notes on your client files, use the note feature within your matters to make sure no Post-It note goes missing.

You can set up default notes for specific matter types in Matter Configuration: Notes

How to add a Note:

1. Under NOTES, Click Add a note.

2. Create the desired note. You can:

  • (1) Create a text note including hyperlinks
  • (2) Create a checklist.
  • (3) Change or add a color to the note

Did you know…

  • You can also pin certain notes so they appear at the top of the list of notes
  • You can create default matter-specific notes and checklists that appear in all new matters by clicking the Matter Configuration: Notes
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