Calendar View

Calendar View


The Smokeball calendar syncs diretcly with Outlook meaning any event in Outlook appears in Smokeball and any event in Smokeball can appear in Outlook. It is important to note that Smokeball's calendar will sync to individual outlook calendars, not group or shared outlook calendars. Smokeball becomes your shared calendar because you can choose to see anyone's calendar or set up group group calendars as well.


Calendar View Basics

  • (1) Choose which calendars to see by selecting or deselecting the check mark
  • (2) Double click to open any calendar event or double click in an open area to Create a New Event
  • (3) Change your calendar view


Create an Event or Print

  • (1) Create a new event. Note: Make sure to select an appropriate matter. The best practice is to create calendar events from the matter.
  • (2) Print Calendar Views


Create Group Calendars

  • (1) Select "manage calendars"
  • (2) Select "create new calendar"
  • (3) Name the calendar, select a color, and save


Did you know...

  • Each matter has a Events tab that helps manage previous and upcoming calendar events for individual matters

  • You can add additional labels to a calendar event to further categorize calendar events



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