Documents & Emails Area

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Documents & Emails

In a matter, the Documents & Emails areas is where you'll find all of your important documents, memos, emails, etc. This area insures that you have one place to store everything that everything you create for a client. You can Import or Scan important documents that are not initiated from the client file.

The Documents & Emails section can be organized in a variety or ways. You can add folders and sub-folders or just search for a specific file you are looking for.

Documents & Emails Area Basics:

  • (1) Sort information by showing Documents & Emails, Documents only, or any combination of Documents, Emails, and Memos.  
  • (2) Click any heading to organize by Name, To, From, Date Modified, Staff
  • (3) Right Click anything in the Documents & Emails area to see additional options
  • (4) Search Documents and Emails Area or Show Files Only Without Created Folders
  • Note: Right Click in open area to create folders and show deleted items

    Did you know…

    • Whether it is a .docx, .pdf, .xlsx, or .txt, many types of files can be stored in the Documents & Emails area.
    • Best Practice: Show Documents only and manage your emails in the Email Tab


    • Even if a file is deleted, you can restore that file by showing deleted items and right clicking on the document to restore

    • You can create default matter-specific folders that appear in all new matters by clicking the Mat
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